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The validity of wheat advance for class IV employees has been extended upto 31/05/2021.
The nodal branch of PNB for loans in Panchkula has informed that five of their staff members are reported COVID positive, so employees should not visit the branch for next 20 days atleast and send the request at their branch email id
For changing Income Tax Option1 to Option2, Pl. go to 'Edit Deduction Detail' page.
The New Regime Income Tax Processing option is available in Maker--Employee Menu now. First of all, select option2 in Edit Deduction Detail page for all the employees, for whom you want tax processing as per New Regime, on changing from Option1 to Option2, already existing Employees' detail in Income Tax processing page will be deleted. Now go to the New Regime page and click on the 'Initialize Option2 Employees Data' button. And the same method will be followed for changing option from Option2 to Option1. This time you will have to add the Employees name from the Employees List after selecting his particular Paybillcode.
If DDO's of Chandigarh and Panchkula are deducting UT License Fee (License Fee Centre) for any employee residing in Chandigarh, then Pl. allocate the Unique Code RL0LQD to your maker id, if you can't find this Unique Code on "Allocate/De-Allocate Payee to Maker" page, then Pl. register this Unique Code in "Allotment of UCP" page.