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Pl. use SendToTreasury Page to Sign and Verify LTC Bills of block year 2016-19 which were generated earlier and approved now. Also click on the button SendtoTreasury, its mandatory.
LTC Bills for block year 2016-19 which were generated earlier have been approved and sent to treasuries. DDOs are advised to digitally sign these bills again and upload the revised sanction of same amount of bill, and click on Send to Treasury.
It has been observed that some DDOs are not deducting Principal/Interest on various loans sanctioned to employees working under their control. Government has viewed it very seriously, if deduction not started till December 2021 then salary of these DDOs will be stopped.
All UCPs have been blocked for edit purposes with the order of competent authority.Please approach concerned Treasury Officer along with required documents/affidavit for any any change in UCP detail.
All DDOs are requested to submit pending GIS bills of class IV employees in treasury.