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Relaxation from Digital Signature has been given for all kind of bills up to 31.03.2018.
Pay of concerned DDOs will be stopped for the month of March-2018, if Nomination details of NPS subscribers are not updated on the CRA-NSDL web-site by Subscribers/DDOs. List of pending nominations (PRAN) alongwith requisite format is also available in "Quick Links" section.
It will be mandatory for all the bills belonging to DDOs of all District treasuries to be signed digitally w.e.f. 15th January, 2018. For DDOs of Sub-Treasuries, it will be mandatory w.e.f. 1st February, 2018
In case there are changes in any employee's loan data shifted to PNB, DDO may write a letter to Ways and Means Branch(FD), they will take over the matter with PNB for such changes.
DDOs have to verify the Interest Amounts calculated as per the ebilling data, otherwise bills will not be sent to treasury in current month. If there is any difference in these amounts as per your calculations, user MUST change these amounts accordingly.