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If DDO's of Chandigarh and Panchkula are deducting UT License Fee (License Fee Centre) for any employee residing in Chandigarh, then Pl. allocate the Unique Code RL0LQD to your maker id, if you can't find this Unique Code on "Allocate/De-Allocate Payee to Maker" page, then Pl. register this Unique Code in "Allotment of UCP" page.
The License Fee (Cent.) Amount will not be included in DDO BT total amount in Treasury Voucher report. It will be transferred into the account of UT Rent Controller directly. No draft will be issued for this.
Now the Token no. for all the Paperless bills will be generated only after the approval of bills from FD.
You are now sending Salary bills online only to the treasury but the treasury office/AG office requires schedules related to Salary bills also. You may not take print of schedules but you must generate the reports.
Basic Pay cells in 8700 and 8800 Grade Pay i.e. FUN-L-14, FUN-L-15, ACP-L-18, ACP-L-19 have been revised, Pl. follow Revision Branch's instructions dated 14.07.2020, for the same.